Thanks Cynthia!  We loved working with you.  I wanted to also thank you for the referral up here (in Utah) too.  Tami is a great agent and we have become friends.  Best wishes to you and your family.

April Lahoda 

* * * * *

Thanks Cynthia,

You have been a wonderful realtor from start to finish, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family. You can send closing documents to _______, WA 98366. I can't agree with you more the headache is over thanks to you, wish to meet you soon.

God Bless and have a wonderful day.
Jamel King

* * * * *

My husband and I have a rental home in Menifee. We found ourselves having to evict our renter due to his not paying the rent. I was really worried about finding another renter. We had used a property management company when we rented to the tenant whom we had to evict. I was leary about using another property management company but I didn't feel I had the time or resources to find a renter myself. I called a few property management companies to discuss the services that they offered. One of the companies I called was "Team Dad and Daughters" I spoke with Cynthia. I was impressed with Cynthia's professionalism and decided to have her handle the rental of our property. My husband and I met with Cynthia to sign the neccesary paperwork. We told her our goal was to rent the house quickly to a person with good credit. She said she would do her best but there was a house,the same model as ours, across the street that had been up for rent for several month and had not been rented.  My husband and I braced for the worst but hoped for the best. Well amazingly the best happened. Within 5 days of listing our rental with Cynthia we had a new tenant. The tenants have been living in our rental home for a year now and have paid the rent on time every month. I would strongly recommend Team Dad and Daughters to anyone looking for a Property Management Company.

 Colleen and Charles Neault

* * * * *


Dear Cynthia,


We did counter and we received $3,000 and 3 weeks....

The good news?  We found a rental just down the street in the same country club, BIGGER, NEWER Home... our kids LOVE the new house and it's still by their friends, plus, they met new friends.  We also gained because we are paying $1800/month, electric, gas and phone and THAT's IT!  (No pool, yard, repairs, water, HOA, Security, Taxes, etc.)   (We were paying over $5K/month in our house.)  We just feel blessed to have our new place, no anxiety, etc...

So, thanks for your good and caring advice.  In total, we stayed in our house 4 months shy of 2 YEARS. Lender was WAMU sold to Chase in the process.

Thanks again for caring.


 * * * * * 

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping us find a home.  You were always available to show us properties and immediately honed in on what we were looking for.  You even showed us properties we never would have considered on our own (including the home we ended up buying!)  You helped us through ever step of the process, from finding the property to closing escrow.  We have used other agents in the past who seemed more concerned with a fast deal than taking the time to listen to and serve their clients.  But you were patient, allowing us not only enough time to find the perfect property, but also to feel comfortable that we were making the right decision.  Your knowledge of the area helped us find a home in a location with excellent growth potential, and your insight into the current housing market helped us make a dead-on offer that was accepted.  We are extremely pleased with our new home and will always be grateful to you for your hard work in making it possible - and, of course, for your continued friendship.


David Blum

Update:  I'm going to David's "1-year in our new home" anniversary party in just a few weeks!


 * * * * *

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for helping us find our very first home.  We love it!  The kids love swimming in the pool and it's fun to have family and friends over.  Thanks to you for everything you did to help us, and for helping us understand about buying a house.  We'll call you to come over when we roast our first pig!

Thanks Cynthia!

Frank, Sinai and the kids

 * * * * *

Dear Larry and Cynthia,

You are the best!  My sister LOVES her new house!  Thanks for helping us find it and get it ready for her and her fiance to move into next month.  You're coming to the wedding right?  We couldn't have done it without all your hard work.  We love you guys!


 * * * * *

Dear Larry,

We can't tell you how much we appreciate your help negotiating with our banks, and getting our house sold.  With all the problems we were going through, it was a relief to have someone who cared and took a little of our burden from off of us.  You and Cynthia both have very big hearts and please know we will always remember your kindness and all your hard work.  If we ever hear of anyone who needs to sell their house, we will give them your card.

God bless you.

The ___________ Family